Konnichiwa ^^

Konnichiwa! Mikara Rinna desu! Hey there everyone I’m Mikara Rinna ^^ You guys can call me Mika-chan or Mikara-chan but I really don’t mind ^^ oh and btw Rinna is my last name..

This is my first post yoroshiku-onegaishimas (^o^)/ I’ll post stuff sbout my not-so-otaku otaku life , my reality life and also some K-pop stuff. Right now I’ll tell you about the Animes that I have watched. ^-^

1. Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream (My 1st Anime)

2. Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future (PRAD Sequel)

3.Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Life (PRDMF Sequel)

4.Chuunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai ( A bit Moe ^^)

5.Diabolik Lovers (3 words : Super Hot Vampires >w<)

6.Brothers Conflict (Also known as BroCon)

7.Love Live! School Idol Project (Cute songs)

8.Detective Conan (I don’t really watch this cuz too much episodes >w<)

9.K-ON! & K-ON!! (Also cute songs)

10.Bonjour Koiaji Pattisserie (The desert are just too delicious)

OK that’s all (That I RMB) but I’ll give you updates on new animes I just watched. I’ll also will give a few related animes post just K.I.T. OK?

Ja nee~~ Bye Bye Minna-san >w<

img DL 3230px-Love_Live__promotional_imagebrothers-conflictPretty-Rhythm-All-Star-Selection


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