Social Media & You

Dear classmates, sometimes I enjoy sitting beside you, laughing and talk bad about the teachers we hate; but sometimes you’re f***ing annoying and I wish I could stab you to death like how Yandere-chan does it.

Warning(?): A lot of cursing lol…

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I’ll be back [FF]

Title: I’ll be back

Rated: K+

Fandom: Uta no Prince sama (UtaPri)

Summary: Wait for me as I’ll be back to you that I love, to you that I care.

Pairing: SyoxAi (SyoKaze)

Characters: Kurusu Syo, Mikaze Ai, Kurusu Kaoru, Kotobuki Reiji

Tags: Hurt/Comfort; Romance

Warning: -none-

Notes: Syo is suppose to be the seme here but then I made Syo a bit OOC and a Shoujo mess here. I’m sorry.

Inspiration from this: [MMDxUtaPri] Model Test Ai and Syo WD

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