I’ll be back [FF]

Title: I’ll be back

Rated: K+

Fandom: Uta no Prince sama (UtaPri)

Summary: Wait for me as I’ll be back to you that I love, to you that I care.

Pairing: SyoxAi (SyoKaze)

Characters: Kurusu Syo, Mikaze Ai, Kurusu Kaoru, Kotobuki Reiji

Tags: Hurt/Comfort; Romance

Warning: -none-

Notes: Syo is suppose to be the seme here but then I made Syo a bit OOC and a Shoujo mess here. I’m sorry.

Inspiration from this: [MMDxUtaPri] Model Test Ai and Syo WD

I’ll be back

Syo sigh quietly as he look out the window. The moonlight illuminates his worried face as yet another sigh escaped his mouth. “You should stop sighing or you would just grow older.” Said a voice behind him. Syo turn to look at his twin, Syo gave him a bitter smile. “I’m worried Kaoru, I mean who wouldn’t if their loved one is out there?” Tears threatening to fall out of his eyes.

Kaoru look at his brother pitifully. He understands the pain his brother is going through. Well at least he kind of does after listening to tales told by his patients.

“Nii-san, you know that he’s strong. He’ll be fine. I’m sure that he would be home as soon as the war ends.” Kaoru tried to comfort his brother. Syo knows that Kaoru wants him to continue his life normally and that’s what he’s been doing for so long but sometimes he can’t push the feelings of worriness from washing over him.

Kaoru pat his brother’s shoulder softly, “You’re strong Nii-san. I assure you he will be back. Now, come and help me.” He said. Syo obeyed as Kaoru went to attend his patients.

“Syo! Hurry up or you’ll be late!” A middle-age lady shouted up the stairs toward her older son. Syo run down the stairs as fast as he could and went to the kitchen to where his mother was. “Where’s Kaoru?” Syo asked. “He left first since you were so late.” Mrs Kurusu who was busy washing the dishes said. 

“What? He left me? Ugh, damn you Kaoru. Then, I’ll be going, bye mom!” Syo said as he grab a toast and rushed to school. 

He arrived at school with a few more minutes to spare. “Kurusu Syo, late as always.” Syo turn around to face what he deem the most annoying person he ever met. “For your information Mikaze Ai-san, I am not late. In fact,” Syo glance at his watch. “I’m 15 minutes early. So technically I’m not late.” He said. 

“You could’ve be late if you hadn’t run to school.” Ai said, refusing to put down the argument he had started. “Why you-!” “Hai~ Hai~ Don’t quarrel early in the morning guys! It’s not good for your health.” Reiji interrupted the two. Syo look away with steam coming out of his head while Ai just stood still with his usual poker face. 

“That’s their daily routine Rei-chan. Early lovers’ quarrel featuring Syo and Ai.” Kaoru said as he walk up to the trio. Reiji nodded in agreement, “Right the SS SyoKaze early sailing.” He said.

Kaoru giggle softly, “SyoKaze? Is that their ‘ship name’? Hah, cute!” Syo blush deeply at the comment, he steal a glance at Ai and saw a thin line of pink hue dusting his cheeks. “So that guy does have feelings huh?” Syo thought. 

The ball rang signalling the start of school. The quartet went seperated ways to their own classes. “So Nii-san, when are you going to confess?” Syo almost choke on his saliva at his twin’s question. “Confess? What?” Kaoru rolled his eyes. 

“Stop playing dumb Nii-san. Both Reiji and I know that you have a crush on Ai.” Kaoru teased. “Me and Ai? Would that even work out?” Syo thought. 

“Better confess soon though. This is our last year and there’s only a few more months till the semester ends. We might go our seperate ways, don’t want to lose your chance now do you?” Kaoru said. Syo thought about it for a while. His brother has a point. But he’s scared that Ai would reject his confession and found him disgusting. 

I’ll think about it.” He thought.

“So AiAi, when are you going to confess?” Reiji asked Ai as they both walk home from school. “Confess about what?” Ai said almost emotionlessly. 

Reiji sigh, “Confess your love to Syo-chan of course!” he exclaim. Ai blush 50 shades of red. “W-w-what!? Confess my love? W-w-what are you talking about!?” Ai stammered. Reiji stifle his laugh. Only with Reiji or the people close to Ai that his princely image would faltered. 

Most people taught Ai is a robot with no emotion, but he’s actually a human, just a bit tsun. Ai had build this perfect prince image that no one except a few know about the real him. Not even Kaoru and Syo knows about the real him. 

“Be real AiAi, you like Syo don’t you?” Reiji said. Ai sigh, there’s nothing he could hide from Reiji, the one friend he was close with since young. “Yes, I like Syo.” Ai confessed. 

“See? That wasn’t so hard to confess.” Reiji said. “Well that’s because I’m saying this to you. What would Syo think when I confess to him? Wouldn’t he feel disgusted?” Ai said. 

“Listen Ai, I’m sure that Syo won’t feel disgusted. In fact I think he will accept your confession! You should try confessing, we have around one month left before graduation. If you don’t confess now you’ll lose your one and only chance. Who knows where we will go here on out? Just confess to him, at least one burden would be out of the way.” Reiji try convincing Ai to confess. 


“I’ll think about it.” Ai said and walk ahead. 

The short blonde and the bluenette stare at each other. “You called me here?” They both said in unison. An awkward atmosphere engulfed the two before they realised what they’ve said previously. 

“Wait you-“ they stopped midway. 

“You first.” Ai said. “Um, well I receive this note from you saying that you want to meet me here?” Syo said as he took out a purple coloured memo, written on it was the meet place and time with Ai’s name at the bottom. 

“What? I didn’t leave you a note. Besides I thought you were the one that wanted to meet me?” Ai said and he took out a memo. The paper was pink coloured with the same meet place and time written but with Syo’s name at the bottom. 

“Eh? But-? Let me see that.” Syo said as he exchange the note with Ai. “This is not my handwriting.” Ai said. “Not mine either.” Syo shook his head. 



Ai and Syo look at each other. “Well I guess we know who wrote this.” Syo said. Ai nod his head softly. The two went silent again. “Graduation!” Syo suddenly shouted. “Huh?” Ai tilted his head to the side a little. 

I mean, wh-what are you going to do after graduation?” Syo asked. “I was planning to continue my studies overseas.” Ai said. “Oh,” was the only reply Syo could give. Again they were in an awkward situation. 

“If, there’s nothing else then I would take my leave.” Ai said. Syo nodded and they both turn around to leave their own ways.

“This is not right.”

“This is wrong.”

“This is my last chance.”

“I should confess!” 

“I like you!” Silence. The two is again face-to-face with each other. “You like me?” “I like you? Wait, I mean of course I like you. I’ve like you since we first met. I fell in love with you when I saw you, your voice, your looks. And, and eventhough you are mean to me sometimes I- I couldn’t stop this feeling. I couldn’t stop falling in love with you!” Syo said as a few tears escaped his eyes. 

He didn’t know why he was crying but he didn’t care about that. He care about why Ai was being quiet right now. “It’s okay if you feel disgusted of me.” Syo try to wipe his tear away. “I meanhic- I know that you won’t like me back—“ Syo stop talking as he was pull into a warm embrace.

“Ai?” “I like you. I too have like you since we first met. I have been thinking about the same thing. I was scared that you would reject me.” Ai said. Syo couldn’t stop the tears from overflowing as Ai tightened his embrace. “I love you, Kurusu Syo.” 


“I love you too Mikaze Ai.” 

“Well that wasn’t so hard!” Kaoru and Reiji exclaim when Ai and Syo finally admit their relationship. “I’m so happy for you too! Wait till mom hear about this!” Kaoru said. 

“We’re not really ready for what mom would say about this.” Syo said. “Don’t worry Nii-san, Ai, mom is really supportive. I’m sure she’s happy for the two of you.” Kaoru convinced them. 

After their graduation, Syo and Ai had come out to Syo’s parents. They were happy for sure as he found someone he loves. Because Ai previously lived in the school dorm he then moves in to the Kurusu household after the family offered him so. Syo, Ai and Kaoru study at the nearby college. Syo and Ai’s love life had gone quite well but of course happy endings isn’t for all. 

A war had broke out around the world and apparently the Japanese army is in need of some helping hands. Every household need to send in a representative to fight for the war. The head of the family is suppose to be the representative but Mr Kurusu was too weak and old to fight. Ai had sacrifice himself to replace Mr Kurusu and be the Kurusu household representative. 

“But Ai you can’t go! What about me? Y-you can’t leave me Ai!” Syo argued. Ai look at him, his eyes softened, “It’s my duty as a civilian. Your father is old Syo, at least let me fight for him, for us and for the family. I’ll be back, I promise you.” Ai said and left to the battlefield leaving Syo with tears in his eyes. 

That is how it came to this. The remainders were left to be protected at their home base. As Kaoru was a trainee in doctorate he was in charge of injured victims, Syo helped him.

During the first few months after Ai’s departure, Syo received letters from Ai. How Ai trained; how he met Reiji again; and how he promise he would come back in every letter he wrote.

These letters were Syo’s hope. The only thing that made Syo hold on the Ai’s promise. He knew Ai would be back. He trust in Ai. As days went by, even if Ai didn’t wrote any letter to him, he knows Ai is there fighting. He waited and waited as the war erupted and ended in 6 years time. Few weeks had past after world peace but he haven’t heard a word from Ai. He started to worry and he started to doubt whether Ai had broke the promise.


A month went by, unable to bear his brother’s suffering, Kaoru confront him. “Nii-san,” Kaoru called out to his dazed brother. “What is it Kaoru?” Syo look at his brother, face stained with tears, paled as he wasn’t eating nor resting properly and lips dry as he muttered the same name day by day.

“Here,” Kaoru hand his brother a letter with purple envelope. “Ai gave this to me before he left. He said that he knew you would be a mess, he told me to give this to you if there was no news about him in the near future. Read it.” Kaoru said and he left his brother to bath in his own sadness. Syo carefully open the letter and read the words written by his dear.


Dear Syo,

I hope you are doing fine. While I’m writing this, I’m not sure what had happen to me in the future. If something bad happen, please don’t cry over it. Move on without me. 

Remember when we confess? Now that I look back at it, it was kind of funny. Thank Reiji and Kaoru for setting us up. You are such a crybaby sometimes. Stop crying okay. I love you. I’m sorry for any of my wrong doings. I’ll be back. 




Syo crumple the letter. “I hate you Ai.” He said through gritted teeth. “I hate you” he muttered a few times. “But I love you.” Syo’s eyes widen, he quickly stood up and turn around.

“I’m back.” That same melodious voice said.

Syo was in shock. He was both happy and relieved as went to hug Ai tightly. “You, don’t you dare leave me again!” Ai smile softly and return the hug. “I won’t I promise, this time I’ll stay.” He said.


{Tf did I just write? 

This is a mix of Mulan, some shoujo manga clichés and also Soldier/Army AU! I got this idea while watching an MMD. The MMD was Ai and Syo in World Domination outfit and dancing to DA-iCE’s I’ll be back. Even though the lyrics of the song has nothing to do with the theme of this fic, I somehow got this kind of image and inspiration. And so I wrote this when the doctor had asked me to rest. Hehe… Hope you enjoy! I love, hate and is frustrated at this fanfic.. I’ll see you soon, ja nē (^^)}




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