Social Media & You

Dear classmates, sometimes I enjoy sitting beside you, laughing and talk bad about the teachers we hate; but sometimes you’re f***ing annoying and I wish I could stab you to death like how Yandere-chan does it.

Warning(?): A lot of cursing lol…

Everyone has this thing call social media, be it Facebook (pft let’s face it FB is too old now), Twitter or Instagram, everybody has it aight? Why do we have this stuffs? Cuz we wanna enjoy life, get to know people, connect, share things etc but then there is this one person that would ruin everything. And that kind of person just happen to be someone I know.

Let’s name her, Ms B, wonderful child, active in competitions, really love local music and stuff. But too bad, she’s also an annoying asshole. I came back to school every evening, rest for an hour or so and then say to myself “Oh yeah why not check my WeChat for awhile.” so I did with the intention to get my mind off some things and see what my friends post on moments. Maybe something funny or sad, who knows. I open my WeChat, guess what? Ms B is there, shitposting her WeChat moment about this so-called ‘person’ that steal her friends.

I was okay with it at first thinking she might post one or twice every two weeks but then she starts posting this repeated WeChat moments every single hour, every f***king day. Every time I check my WeChat, her moments would pop out and it annoys me to death. She is ruining one of the things that connect me with my old friends or maybe relatives. I’m like bitch stop, nobody cares ok. Why? Because first of all, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows who you are shitposting to. Be it my WeChat contacts or even yours, they all f***king know.

The worst part of it is the person she’s shitposting to are also friends she is close with, let’s name that friend Ms A. I don’t blame her honestly Ms A is annoying but I don’t get attached to Ms A like how Ms B is to her. LIKE STOP PLEASE STOP. I confronted Ms B and asked her why is she still so close to Ms A, she replied with a “Oh no, it’s not me. that Ms A is the who’s been clinging to me.” Dear Ms B, STOP. You can ignore her can’t you? But nooo you just HAD to be that one fake friend who is nice at front but shitpost about people. Congrats, you just receive the most stupid person ever lived award.

Ms B is like shitposting on her WeChat moment where everyone can see, even Ms A. Oddly though Ms A doesn’t give a f***, well I do. I’m surprise Ms A hasn’t change her attitude either despite getting shitpost, hate post by almost everyone in our class, but that’s another story to be told later,

One case settled, then comes this other case. My best friend, Ms S was having a bad day, she was tired, she only wanted some sleep. Then at this time Ms B suddenly called her and bombarded her with questions she don’t know and couldn’t answer. Ms S was hella piss. I mean who wouldn’t? You just called someone and bombarded her with questions that already have been answered previously though you never made the effort to listen and now you’re just annoying people Long story short, Ms S was pissed and kinda sorta argue with Ms B, Ms B was offended and woah guess what? SHE POSTED A WECHAT MOMENT, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA BRAVO MS B THE SMARTEST PERSON ON F***KING EARTH.

I read her post and I was like stop, there’s like no use for you to post on any social media ever because no one cares. Even if they do,they pretended to so that you would stfu. You should realize that by now. So here I am still dealing with Ms B. Let’s be real, I hate her, we are not true friends, never is never will.

I’m saying this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t write your feelings out on social media, I mean I do that sometimes and I’m doing it right now but you should really have your limits. Like why would you write about the same person, same things every time when you could have a face-to-face convo with said person? You’re just ruining something for people who enjoy that thing.Stop, social media isn’t made for that. Social media isn’t made for just you, only you. Social media is for everyone but when you start annoying people, people will start to hate you and you gotta accept that cuz it’s your own fault not continue shitposting on social media. Face it, no one cares. I write this on my blog, a free-way of writing cuz I know not everyone in this world would read this or my blog. People should start self-aware about this cuz it’s annoying me the f*** out.

Then again, this is also just my opinion. But seriously though, it’s annoying. Society, stop. Humanity, stop. Ms B, stop. 😒 Well that’s it for my rant today. I kinda like doing this lol. Still have no way to complete my fanfics. I’m also planning on changing my Say Goodbye series to Circle of Life series cuz I can’t bear writing sad fics every time. I need to be happy too mkay?  Hope to see you again very soon, See ya!


Oh.. and sorry for cursing so much heh, ^^;




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