Heyyo! So um after making this decision I’ve decided to change the Say Goodbye series to Circle of Life series as I won’t be writing sad fics only. If you are new to this series, ignorance to this post is welcomed; if you’ve read some of the Say Goodbye series you can now find it in the Circle of Life series tag. I will delete anything in mention of the Say Goodbye series that I’ve write. This gon’ be so hard cuz it’s all over the place.

Other than that, I’ve decided to make REALLY good use of this blog. Since I really enjoy ranting for some reasons I will write rant post maybe thrice a week? I want to write stuffs like anime reviews, manga suggestions etc but that’s kinda of a big responsibility as I’m not experience enough so idk if I’ll do that or nah. I’ve also decided to occasionally dump in my fanfics in here. Especially those fanfics I’m not satisfied with and is scared to upload on FFNet or Wattpad. I will try my best to work on this and keep my schedule. Bye!



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