Life as it is now

Because life was never meant to be fair

Hello people who came here by accident and read this for no apparent reason!

Ey that ryhmes! So hey ssup. Um so much on keeping my schedule and post frequently lol. I’m into underrated bands currently. Kinda. Going back hometown tomorrow and seriously hope I’ll get inspiration to write for ‘Chances’ and ‘Oshiete Kudasai’. Maybe a new one-shot for ‘Musical Love’? Idk really need ideas and inspiration right now.

AND I’M CURRENTLY ADDICTED WITH IDOLISH7 AGAIN. OMG BLESS THE NEW UPDATE ITS AWESOME AF. I want to play the White Day event and get the White Day Iori cuz he’s soooo cute but I’m going back to my hometown tomorrow and the line there sucks and there’s no WiFi.

I’m just– afbvlikodjkncvisfknvladhlebvsdfbvihsbzlikjevdhznvdvhbjkzvb MY LIFE MY LOVE MY WIFI MY AINANA I AM SO DONE. The worst part is the fam (my dad’s family) there is problematic and I’m really uncomfortable with my cousins lately.

I mean we’re all grown up now and it feels weird, awkward etc. *sigh* Life, as it is right now, troublesome. That’s all, see ya!



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