athazagoraphobia [FF] [Circle of Life series]

Title: athazagoraphobia

Rated: K+

Fandom: Utaite

Summary: It’s strange isn’t it? The people you love, you don’t see them because they’re there, they’re just there when you look.

Pairing: SoraMafu (SoraruxMafumafu/After the Rain)

Characters: Soraru, Mafumafu, luz

Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Romance


Notes: I swear if I could I would link every SoraMafu/Mafumafu/Soraru covers ever, too bad I’m too lazy. They’re just too cute wwwww Watch “Dan Dan Hayaku Naru” SoraMafu


No one knew him like he does. No one treat him like he does. No one had ever receive this much love from him like he does.

“I love him so much that it hurts.”

The albino stares up the sky. The wind softly blows away his bangs from covering his eyes. He sighs in content. How he love the calming scene.

“What are you doing?”

Mafumafu turn around to look at the one calling him. The brunette that displayed a bored face while in reality he is a tsundere. Mafumafu jumped up on his feet with a wide grin plastered on his face. “Soraru-san!” He shouted in excitement.

Soraru stare at him, unamused. Mafumafu’s grin never flattered; in fact it grew bigger every second if it could.  Soraru just sigh softly, “Come on let’s go.” He said and walks ahead. Mafumafu followed behind him and skipped happily.

I don’t mind how cold you treat me. No, I’m not a masochist. I’m just happy. That even if I annoy you. That even how cold you treat me. You’ll always be there. Standing there, you help me go through everything.  Being there, you keep me company. Stay by my side. Always. Please.

It’s strange isn’t it? The people you love, you don’t see them because they’re there, they’re just there when you look.

The albino whimpers softly, the sounds of thunder and lightning outside scared him. How dark the room is, it scared him. How he was alone, it scared him.

Under the blanket, the albino tries to ignore everything and close his eyes. Hoping that he will fall asleep soon. The harder he tried, the harder it became. And soon the things he’s been avoiding for so long came back.

“No,” He whimpered. “I’m scared. Go away. Someone, save me.”

“I’m scared.” He whispered as tears fall drop after drop.

‘Click’ the door to his room opened. “Mafumafu? Are you ok? There’s a heavy rainstorm going on outside and there’s a blackout at our apartment. It’s quite dark you know. Mafumafu?”

Without a second thought, Mafumafu jumped from his bed and hugged Soraru tightly. “Soraru-san, I’m scared!” his voice a bit hoarse from crying.

Soraru was taken aback but return the hug as he felt his clothes wet from Mafumafu’s tears. “There, there,” he pet Mafumafu’s head. “There’s no need to be afraid. I’m here.”

“Soraru-san and Mafumafu-san are surprisingly closed.” luz commented.

“Huh?” the two said in unison. “What do you mean luz-kun?” Mafumafu said as he tilts his head to the side.

“Well,” luz looks at the two older guys in front of him. “Soraru-san and Mafumafu-san are always together even if you have other units or friends to attend to. Not only that but the two of you are different from each other and yet you two are good friends.”

“Is that a problem?” Soraru asked.

luz shook his head. “It’s not a problem. I’m just really impressed and amused about it. Complimenting each other. I think that’s the perfect sentence to describe the two of you.”

甘えていいの? 当たり前だろ

“Soraru-san! Soraru-san!” Mafumafu called out to him excitedly.

“What is it?” Soraru said with a monotone voice while flipping through the magazine he is holding.

“Nee, nee can we have hamburger steak today? I wanna eat hamburger steak!” Mafumafu exclaim excitedly. “No.” Soraru replied.

“EEHH?!! WHY NOT?! Soraru-san please!!! I wanna eat hamburger steak! I wanna eat hamburger steak!” Mafumafu whined.

“No means no.”

“Eehh, but, but-“ Mafumafu pouts. His lips quiver softly, knowing very well that the soft sided Soraru wouldn’t say no to him when he starts crying, Mafumafu try faking tears.

Soraru sigh, “Fine we will eat hamburger steak. Just this once.” “Yatta!” Mafumafu jump happily.

I realize that I am annoying. Sometimes I’m overly excited over little things. But that’s just my way on saying that I’m use to you and I want you to stay. Please don’t leave me. Please don’t forget me. I need you. You, that have saved me. You, that stuck out your hand and grabbed me. Away from the pain that suffocates me.

Just like that, I want you to protect me. I know I’m being greedy but this is my only wish.

I love you,

If only my genuine feelings will be known by you. If only you would return my feelings.

But it’s okay. As long as I could stay by your side, as long as you’re there for me, as long as I won’t be forgotten or left alone. I’m okay with just being friends.

“Hey idiot, you should stop your habit of talking out loud.”

“EH?! I just said that out loud?!” Mafumafu said, cheeks red of blushing. Soraru turn around to face Mafumafu.

He smirks, “Yes you’re annoying. But I don’t hate that about you. I won’t leave you and I won’t forget you.” Soraru took a few steps closer to Mafumafu.

“And I love you too.” He whispers at Mafumafu’s ear with the deepest, breathiest voice Mafumafu has ever heard.

Tears flow down Mafumafu tears. Yeah, what should he worry about? He will be with Soraru for as long as forever.


{Coffee makes me crazy. HELLOOOOOOO~ IDK WHAT I’M WRITING ABOUT. THE STORY DON’T RELATE ONE BIT AND THE SONG LINKS ARE OUT OF PLACE, IDEK ANYMORE. So currently I’m addicted with Utaite. It started with Valshe then kradness then luz somehow I shipped Sekihan and Piko and then stumble upon Soraru and Mafumafu and I immediately shipped SoraMafu. Newest otp \ :v / Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten. So I got this word after a depressing day. After watching Hikikomoranai Radio (SoraMafu’s collab radio) episode 1, I found out this cute little precious pie, Mafumafu had some tough past. And he’s friends (mainly Soraru as he mentioned him) help him go through his hard times. AWWWWWWW so here I am. Welp then. I’ll write as much as I can while I have time and wait for a new blog post maybe. BYE!}




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