Hobby, Likes and Competition?

My stupid, dumbass friend thought it was ‘okay’ to show the whole class (ok jk probs only around 4 or 5 people) a short fanfic I was writing.

I chase my class captain to the science lab for the good name of mine…

And so basically I manage to steal it back from my class captain (it was a smut like damn if the words spread to our headmistress I’m doomed). I was in such a rush to get back that book that I didn’t really pay any attention to anything my class captain (let’s call her Shoujo D cuz I never like her being our class captain tbvfh).

When I get back to class, my dumbass friend (who was chasing Shoujo D with me) told me she heard that Shoujo D said something quite… unpleasant? (Is that the word?) I was also chasing Shoujo D while wearing my librarian uniform which is suffocating I can’t run freely who tf design this skirt.

Back to the story, Shoujo D has friend (Shoujo E) who just happens to write fanfics too! //and I only found out about this today of all days eventhough I’ve been studying with them for 8 months now. My friend said that Shoujo D mention something along these lines,

Shoujo E has a competition now eh?

I was like ??? Huwat? I didn’t really get what she meant at first but I slowly realize what she means.

And that is where I just… snapped? (Damn my vocab is just all over the place)

What she said about Shoujo E having competition (which is me) is just irrelevant. And I could list quite a number of reasons.

1. Our writing is just 100% different

That is because Shoujo E is a K-pop fan; while I am a AniManga/Utaite/Seiyuu fan. Obviously Shoujo E would write a K-pop fanfic and obviously I would write an anime/utaite (utaite fanfic in progress) fanfic. SO that’s number one.

2. I write because I like

Never in my whole life as a fanfic writer have I ever thought of taking writing as a profession. I’m studying hard to be a psychiatrist eventhough I’m a bit slow in Science but yeah I’m trying my best. I write fanfics because I was brought to this fanfiction hell and I just happen to love writing. Hey, it’s a hobby.

And now I can’t think of number three. While writing this I just realize that maybe Shoujo D thought I was trying to compete with Shoujo E just cuz I found out she also writes today but meh. Writing is something I do out of liking and having a weird imagination.

I’m probably just stressing out about this because a lot of drama happened today. Or maybe because I am salty since Kradness is going to Thailand (not Malaysia 😥 ) or maybe because I will NEVER get that SoraLuzMafuTsuki Hikikomori DVD. Hi I’m Salty Lemon. Oh wait, maybe because I drank coffee this morning that’s why I’m a lil fucked up in the head. Meh.

I also decided to open my Wattpad after not receiving notifications for like 3 days? And oh boy was I shocked. I received quite a lot (in my opinion) of votes and comments in Musical Love. I was freaking out so much I had tears in my eyes and was blushing so much ❤ //I felt guilty a minute later because I haven’t publish anything for so long I think it’s been 7 months?

But yeah, this kinda gives me the boost to write something for Musical Love. I’ll try my best!  はい、頑張ります!So now I’ll try to write something. Please look forward!!



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