Vanilla [FanFiction]

Title: Vanilla

Rated: K+

Fandom: Utaite

Summary: The sweet and fluffy feeling of having someone to love. Compilation of short stories.

Pairing: -alot-

Characters: Soraru, Mafumafu, Kradness, Luz, Akatin, Kain

Tags: Romance; Fluff

Warning: -none-

  1. Tiramisu

Mafu’s eyes glimmered in awe. It’s his third- no probably his millionth time watching the guy of his dream’s live show. Sure they have perform on stage together a few times and he has seen Soraru sang in front of him before but Soraru never fail to amaze Mafu. That’s what Mafu loved about Soraru, he never fail to make Mafu smile and make his heart skip a beat with every word he sang.

2. Mont Blanc

“Ouch!” Kradness exclaimed in pain. Being stressed out at work in the morning had already tired him out; and now, getting a cup of boiling hot coffee splashed at him really, absolutely pissed him off. Right now, he didn’t care if it was an accident or not but whoever the waiter is, well they would get a good scolding. “I’m really sorry sir. Please allow me to do something to repay you.” The voice who said that was soothing but Kradness was not in a good mood to even care. He looked up and swore that his heart skipped a beat seeing the waiter. “I’m really, really sorry sir.” the waiter bowed. Kradness smirk, “What’s your name?” The waiter look up and tilt his head a little. “Um, Luz?”

“Well Luz-san, if you want me to forgive you, how about you give me your phone number? Maybe we could get some coffee together?” And at that exact moment, Kradness wouldn’t mind getting dump with a pot of hot coffee if it meant that he would get to see that blush of Luz everyday.

3. Caramel

“I can’t believe you Mafu. You knew we had an important recording and you decided to pull some stupid prank.” Akatin scold Mafu. He was really mad at him for taking something serious as a joke. Usually Akatin would refrain from scolding Mafu because he knows that Mafu is a sensitive person with a tough past but today maybe Mafu had went overboard. Mafu pouts a little as Akatin shook his head. “Nee~ Akachin I’m sorry, Nee~ Akachin please forgive me.” Mafu said with puppy dog eyes. Akatin sigh and shook his head again. What in the world is he suppose to do when he has a friend who’s good in persuasion like Mafu.

4. Trifle

“The stars looks beautiful tonight.” Luz said as he stare ahead while laying on the grass with Kain beside him. Kain hummed softly. “You know what else is beautiful?” “Hm, what?” Luz look at Kain right in the eyes, “Your eyes when you have it on me only.” he said. Kain giggle softly. “I won’t look at anyone else but you Luz-kun.” “Yeah,” Luz smile. “I know.”

5. Red Velvet

“A-are you sure this is okay?” Kain pant out as he let Kradness take him by his hand and run off. Kradness stopped in his track. “Kain, we planned this and you have agreed on it. Do you plan on backing out now? Marrying someone you barely know? Just so you know, I won’t just sit around and watch someone else take you away from me.” Kradness said. Kain looked back at the church where 60 people are waiting for his arrival. Then, he turn to look at Kradness who had hopeful eyes.

Kain thought again, marrying a stranger?; or run away with his loved one? Kain grabbed Kradness’ hand and ran. “Krad-kun, I love you!” he shouted as he ran with the wind.

Extra; Angel and Mochi

“Nee Soraru-san,” Soraru hummed softly as he turn to look at Mafu. “Did you gain weight?” he asked. Soraru drop the pencil he was holding and gape at Mafu. Quickly, Soraru ran inside his room. “Soraru-san?” Mafu called out to him as he enter Soraru’s room. Mafu saw Soraru slowly dying in a corner of his room. Mafu gasped, “Soraru-san, are you okay?” he said and ran to Soraru’s side. “I-I just gained 2kg.” Soraru said as he showed Mafu two fingers.

Mafu stifle his laugh, “Looks like someone forgot about his diet.” “Mafu this is not funny! I’m getting fat!” Soraru said frantically. Mafu giggle and poke Soraru’s cheek. “It’s okay~ it’s okay~ Soraru-san can now be a mochi and Soraru-san is cute so it’s okay.” Mafu said.

“I am not cute and I am not a mochi.” Soraru said in an irritated tone and puff out his cheek in a childish way. Mafu giggle again, “But Soraru-san is cute and Soraru-san is a mochi. Soraru-san is the cutest mochi, you’re Mafu’s mochi and Mafu’s only.” Mafu said.

Soraru couldn’t help but blushed, he reach out to hug Mafu and squeeze him tightly. “You surely do say some cute things huh?” Mafu nuzzle his head at Soraru’s chest. “Well, someone as cute as me should say cute things like that right?” he said.

Soraru refrain himself from rolling his eyes at Mafu’s statement. “Then, if I’m your mochi, what are you?” he asked. Mafu looked up at Soraru, “I’m your angel of course!” he said proudly. Soraru sigh hopelessly, he pinched both Mafu’s cheek and stretch it out. “Owwie!! Soraru-san hurts!”

Soraru let go, he ruffle Mafu’s hair and kissed him on the forehead. “I love you my angel.” he said and hug Mafu. Mafu hugged him back, “I love you to my mochi.” he said.

“Let’s go to the gym together nee~?” “You can’t even stand for a minute at the gym the last time you went there with Amatsuki.” Mafu pouts, “Ehh, well fine, let’s just make a diet plan.” he said.

“Just make a diet plan?” Soraru asked. Mafu laugh, “Of course we would follow through it right Soraru-san?” Soraru hummed softly, “Sure Mafu.” he said and kiss him on the forehead again as they continue hugging each other on the floor.


A/N: wwww so? Before that, urm hi? It’s been awhile? So 1 to 5 is wrote by me at school when I was bored af. Just some random really short stories. Hope whoever reads this, enjoy~ The extra one I did is because I’ve been calling Soraru, mochi wwwww. The other day he updated his Line and sent a pic of him in a suit to a friend’s wedding. His cheek was quite chubby compared to the time he did his live tour and I thought his chubby cheeks was cute so I called him mochi. Soramochi. Mochiraru. wwwwww I hope you like this and hopefully I’ll be here more often~



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