Happy Birthday Mochi! [FanFiction]

Title: Happy Birthday Mochi(Soraru-san)!

Rated: T

Fandom: Utaite

Summary: Another year older but you will still be the man I love to death

Pairing: SoraMafu (SoraruxMafumafu / After the Rain)

Characters: Soraru , Mafumafu

Tags: Romance

Warning: -none-

Notes: Just in case you don’t know I call Soraru, mochi. Don’t ask why but if you do wonder in the previous fanfiction I did mentioned why in the author’s note. Also, Happy Birthday Sorarun!!

“Oh god no no this can’t be happening I did not just delete that oh my god where is that file!?” Soraru started panicking as he couldn’t find the file to complete the mix for his new upload.

“I’m suppose to upload this tomorrow but,” Soraru sigh and grab his phone. He tweeted to all his followers about the mishap that happen and the possibility of a delay on his upload. Soraru sigh and massage his forehead, “So much for a little bit of slacking in work.” He muttered.

A pair of skinny arms then wrap around his neck. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Soraru-san. Mafumafu loves you!”

Soraru chuckle softly and looked behind him to see a cute little albino with a huge grin plastered on his face. “What’s up with the last sentence though? Pretty sure that’s not in the lyrics.” Soraru smiled when he saw Mafu pouting.

“Well you seem to be in a very bad mood, Mafu’s just here to be the responsible boyfriend he is and wish his mochi a Happy Birthday.” Mafu said and gave Soraru a kiss which he gladly returns. “At least I’m being a responsible boyfriend and went to his partner’s house to properly wish him a Happy Birthday unlike a certain someone who went to France and didn’t give me a proper wish.” Mafu said as they both broke the kiss.

Soraru groaned and rolled his eyes, “You are not over this again?” he asked as Mafu gave him a light laugh.


“Even after I gave you chocolates?”

“They were nice but nope!”

“Even after I gave you a PS4?”

“Eh~ but you divide the cost among Luz and the others.”

“Even after I gave you a hundred kisses and that special gift?”

Mafu gave a thoughtful hum and soon broke into a fit of giggles. “I’ll probably remind you of that day till I got tired of it or something.” He said.

Soraru stare at Mafu who was giggling and gave a short sigh. “I love you.” He said and took Mafu by surprise when he stops giggling. Mafu stare at Soraru and gave him a sweet smile. Mafu leaned forward causing their nose to bump each other and Mafu rub their noses together.

“I love you too, mochi.”

Soraru pinch Mafu’s cheek and stretched it out. “I love you but I’m not a mochi stop calling me that.” He glares at Mafu. Mafu only made incoherent noises as Soraru continuing stretching his cheeks out.

“You are a mochi. You are my mochi.” Mafu said when Soraru let go of his cheeks. Soraru shrug it off, “Fine, fine call me whatever. At least it’s better than Tsunraru.” Soraru whispered out the last part. Mafu who didn’t catch it just tilt his head.

“Soraru-san let’s go out!”

“I can’t Mafu I need to finish my work.” Soraru said and turn back to his computer. Mafu pout as he refuses to let Soraru finish his work. Mafu sat on Soraru’s lap disabling him to reach his computer.

“Wha-?! Mafu!” Soraru was about the scold Mafu when he saw the cute face Mafu was making.

“It’s your birthday and you should relax! You keep scolding me when I do work on my birthday but now you refuse to go out with me because you didn’t finish your mixing. That’s your fault because you were slacking off you know! Now, I, Mafu the angel shall summon you Soraru the mochi and request sir to accompany thee on a night out.” Mafu said proudly.

Soraru smirk, “What if I say no?” he said.

Mafu return with his own smug smirk, “Nfufu I have see this coming and so,” Mafu lean in and whispered on Soraru’s ears. “If you refuse then no sex for a month.”

“You, Mafumafu? Dare say to me that I can’t have sex with you for a month?”

“Yes, I dare.”

“Even though you are the one who always begs for it.”

Mafu gasped dramatically, “Soraru-san are you underestimating me?” he said faking the tone of him taken aback.

Soraru roll his eyes and gave Mafu a “come-on-I-know-you” look. “Yes Mafumafu-san, I am underestimating you.”

“Nfufu, bad move Soraru-san I could use the toys I still own or I could just avoid you for the whole month. Oh please Soraru-san you act as if something like this is new to you.”Mafu said mockingly.

Soraru eyes Mafu who was dead serious. He gave out a sigh, “Fine get off me we’re going out.” He said defeated.

“Yatta!!” Mafu cheered as he jumped off Soraru’s lap.

“Just wait as I get my stuff.” Soraru said as he reached for his phone only to be stopped by Mafu. Soraru look at him and raise one of his eyebrows, giving him a questioning look.

“Leave your phone for tonight, just bring your wallet.”


“I don’t want any disturbance, I mean it’s rude of me to say that to your fans or friends who had your birthday wishes coming in but I just want you to spend tonight quietly.”

“How do you know I’m going to check my phone and reply to messages?”

“Oh come on Soraru-san! We’ve known each other for like what, three years? When is the time you are not on your phone?”

“What if there’s an emergency?”

“I brought my phone.”

“And how do I know if you won’t be on your phone?”

Mafu gave him an “are-you-kidding-me?” look. “We all know who is on his phone 24/7. Besides I silent my phone, there won’t be any disturbance.” He explained.

Soraru let a smile tug at his lips when he notice how his boyfriend is trying his hardest to let him enjoy his birthday tonight, just the two of them, no disturbance. “What? What are you smiling about? Hurry up you old man.” Mafu said as he walks out of the room, Soraru following behind.

“Yeah, yeah quit nagging you child and I am not an old man, I’m 28.”

Mafu shrug, “Meh, you’re old enough to be an old man for me.”

“At least I don’t fake my age.”

“At least I don’t gain weight while travelling.”

“At least I try to diet.”

“At least I am not travelling when my boyfriend’s birthday is coming.”

Soraru groan, “This again?”

Mafu laugh, “Yes, this again.” He looks at Soraru and gave him a peck on the cheek. “I love you Soraru-san. Happy birthday.” He said.

Soraru smile, “I love you too Mafu.”


“By the way Mafu how did you get into my house?”

Mafu hum softly, “Oh I have a spare key.”

Soraru give Mafu a questioning look, “A spare key? I don’t remember giving you a spare key?”

Mafu laugh nervously, “Oh Soraru-san look at that star it’s so bright!”he said, trying his best to avoid the topic.


“Hey Soraru-san let’s get food on the way.”


“I wanna eat ramen, it’s been so long since I ate ramen.”

“Aikawa Mafuyu*

Mafu sigh, “Fine, I made a spare key okay? I just-” Mafu stop and look at his feet. “I just get lonely when you’re not around. I thought if I made a spare key and visit your house when I’m lonely then I could cheer up a bit. Your room smells like you and it calms me down… Please don’t get mad.” he said in a sad voice.

Soraru hug him. “Aw don’t cry. I’m not mad I just found it weird since you suddenly appear in my room without knocking. I did plan on giving you a spare key but I keep forgetting and didn’t have the time to go and make one.” he cooed and wipe away the tears threatening to fall out of Mafu’s eyes.

“Now don’t cry okay? You drag me all the way out here so have fun with me okay?”

Mafu giggle, “Okay!”


Soraru: That means you can come over often so we can do private stuff huh? I don’t mind, it makes it a lot easier that you would come over begging for it.

Mafu: *hits Soraru* Pervert.

[A/N: Can I just tell you how much I love this old man? Ok so it’s 3 am and I have been dying to write something since last week but I wanted to write something light-hearted and while I was scrolling Twitter only to discover both Soraru and Mafumafu is missing… I ended up with this. I wanted to write a bday fic for Mafu on his bday but I was sick and had exams so I didn’t had the chance 😦 maybe next year. ALSO ANYBODY ELSE WONDER WHAT’S THAT SPECIAL THING SORARU GAVE MAFU CUZ I’M DYING TO KNOW THAT’S WHY I CAN’T SLEEP RN SMH UTAITES SHOULD STOP GIVING US ALL THESE EXCITEMENT IT’S BAD FOR OUR HEALTH. ANyway I have a school day tmrw www what am I even doing here??? I just wanna wish my cute lil’ mochi a Happy Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SORARUN I LOVE YOU AND TO WHOEVER READING THIS FANFIC I HOPE YOU ENJOY #SORAMAFU4LAIFU

// I also wanted to make that cute lil couple bickering (not literally) about irrelevant stuff so I put it here cuz I think it fits SoraMafu so much so in case they’re OOC then I’m sorry it’s 3 am my brain can’t work that much at once www sowwyyy //



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