Thinking is good, you can get new motivation, ideas or inspiration out of it. Shower thoughts are nice too. How random one’s thought might be useful in the future, who knows. But overthinking? Nope, overthinking just ruins you.

I’m on a 5-day break from school and I have all these plans planned out earlier like watching animes and writing fanfics but it’s already the near-end of day 4 and I see no progress in both my life and my writing.

I’m frustrated at myself because the first 3 days I’ve been spending with overthinking. Thinking about my future, school, life, social life, present and every little things that don’t even matter anymore. I love holidays and having short breaks from school means that I get to relax and enjoy myself even more but when the day comes I got lost within my own thoughts. I get lonely, desperately looking for a getaway in any form but in most time nothing ever works.

When I’m at school with my friends though I never bother thinking or even stop and do my own thing. I just have fun, not literally all the time though cuz school sucks and stress students out most of the time but yeah I have fun, laugh, gossip, play around. But why is it when we are alone that we get pull into an abyss of thoughts?

Abysmal conscience, I always call it. It always ruins every plan I have. And I hate is so much like smh get out of my life I don’t need ya. Don’t you wish ever your brain will stop overthinking because I do.When I overthink I try to relax but it kinda doesn’t help most of time.

Conclusion, I hate overthinking.


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