Monsta X The Clan Series Theory

It’s unusual of me to do theories moreover dug so deep into MVs because I rarely do that. To me, I always thought MVs are a complementary to the song. But it was different when I watch Monsta X’s the Clan series. So here you have it, my theory.

warning: this will be messy af like my head is atm. also cursing. 

Part 1. Lost

Theory; the boys are lost. 


Part one takes the word ‘Lost’ and as the part suggested the boys are indeed lost. In the beginning we have them running; while Minhyuk was trying to save Hyungwon by letting him eat the blue flower known as delphinium. The delphinium plays an important part in here because it serves as a drug/medicine; and as a drug/medicine should be they could either cure you or poison you.


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In their past, we could see them provoking the authorities (military/police). From here it takes the word Lost; the boys are lost in their own hometown. Everything is falling apart, taken over by the authorities, as a result the boys start to rebel.


Hyungwon’s father is either a religious person or part of the authority (the ‘government’). I’m thinking that Hyungwon’s father is a religious person, maybe a priest, because he was holding a book that looks like a bible in his hand. Being a religious person it only makes sense if Hyungwon’s father is part of the ‘government’, and there’s two reasons why he slapped Hyungwon.

The first reason was because Hyungwon was a part of the rebellion, going against the ‘government’ which angers his father. Hyungwon might or might not have also taken blame from the act caused by him and the others. The second reason why he got slapped was because Hyungwon was dating Minhyuk and it was against the religion, thus.


As for Shownu, one of his family members was suffering. He wanted to save them, resulting in him trying to rob a shop. Jooheon had suggested for Shownu to rob the shop. Jooheon is the person behind the Clan; Jooheon was also the one who discovers the delphinium. The blue flower that caused everyone to lose control in one of the scene because it’s a drug.


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“All In” focuses more on Minhyuk, Hyungwon and Shownu. And there’s a reason behind it.


For now, Shownu has lost his family member, unable to save them eventhough he had go and robbed a shop just to pay for their expenses but he was too late. Full of regret, Shownu burns the money alongside the clothes of the dead person and the delphinium flower he stole with the money.

Shownu is officially lost.

Shownu didn’t only lost his loved one but he also had sinned. Shownu was full of regret and the regret has caused him to be lost. Lost in his own mind because there was no where for him to go. He has lost everything – his pride and his love.


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Back to Minhyuk and Hyungwon; Hyungwon was covered with a mask. The mask represents his shame. He was ashamed of letting Minhyuk see him because his face was bruised all over, he wasn’t beautiful anymore. Minhyuk uncovers Hyungwon’s face despite the protest earlier. When Minhyuk saw Hyungwon’s face he was surprise and soon anger took over him.

Minhyuk was lost. 

Minhyuk was lost; he was blinded by his anger which overwhelms him when he sees Hyungwon hurt – a prove that Minhyuk loves Hyungwon. And as someone who loves another, Minhyuk seeks for revenge but that wasn’t what Hyungwon wanted at the moment. Hyungwon wanted reassurance and companionship – something for Minhyuk to prove that he still loves him even when Hyungwon isn’t beautiful anymore. When Minhyuk leaves that was when Hyungwon was lost. 


As soon as Minhyuk leaves, that’s when Hyungwon realize he wasn’t needed anymore. Hyungwon commits suicide because nobody wants him anymore, not his family, not his lover. He wasn’t beautiful anymore, he was lost.

After Minhyuk returns, that’s when he knows he had screw up. Hyungwon commited suicide, something he didn’t expect. Minhyuk didn’t know what to do so he turn to the delphinium flower – a cure. But everything wasn’t as easy as that. Minhyuk sacrifices himself to save Hyungwon. We could see Hyungwon’s hands twitch signalling he’s alive.

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Here’s the fun (and sad) part, Hyungwon commited suicide again. A double suicide. He did this because Minhyuk was dead and knowing Minhyuk sacrifies himself because he still loves Hyungwon. But what’s the use of being alive when your other half is dead right? That’s why.

In an interview previously, Monsta X asks us to pay attention on the break where they showed everyone individually. (Not sure what interview tho?) But well here’s the hint, three of them are dead.

I think it’s pretty obvious lol, Minhyuk, Hyungwon and Shownu are dead. Minhyuk and Hyungwon might be actually dead; as for Shownu he was dead mentally.


Shownu, Minhyuk and Hyungwon are lost, The Clan lost them; they are dead. 


That is why “All In” focuses on these three. They focus on things that we lost because of the things we did. The consequences of our action. Shownu lost his pride and loved one because of greed, wealth. Minhyuk lost his loved one because of his recklessness; because of anger. Hyungwon lost himself because he let his darkest thoughts haunt him.


But that’s one part of the story 🙂 Onto the next,


Part 2. Guilty

Theory; they’re guilty of their actions.


I think Fighter is a bit easy to comprehend. And I don’t want to waste too much time on it because there’s a huge twist in this lol. But yeah everyone was guilty of their actions. Minhyuk and Hyungwon are confuse. They are lost and couldn’t tell what was right or wrong. They are in a mental hospital (asylum? was it?) because back then people think gay people are ill (some say physically ill, others say mentally meh what do i know). So yup that’s why they’re in the hospital. I know how I said that they’re dead previously but I’ll get to it okay wait. Oh, and I didn’t want to dig too deep into this one because I’m sure there’s a lot of MinWon theory about the same thing lol.


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And then there’s Shownu! Poor papa bear Shownu 😦

He was lost in his own self. He starts punching walls like a hobby of his because 1) he has nothing better to do, no one to lean on and 2) he couldn’t forgive himself, he is so damn lost. Oh and bonus, because he looks so fucking hot like damn he can punch me in the face and I’ll be damn grateful (lmao kill me).

Anyways, back to Fighter. Then we have the others doing weird shit. Kihyun dragging a body with him, the body probably dead. Wonho building a machine and Changkyun playing games with teddy bear. The others are guilty because they lost their friends and that’s why they’re trying to save them.

Note that teddy bear represents companionship and like how people have teddy bears to fight loneliness yeah. But actually the bear doesn’t really play a part here? Pretty much useless and a distraction really smh.

This time the remaining four each plays an important part (I am still confuse about Changkyun’s role here but let’s roll).

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Let’s start off with Kihyun.

Kihyun was dragging a dead body. Why a dead body you asked? Dind-ding-ding! It’s a sacrifice! Yes, a sacrifice. For what? For Minhyuk and Hyungwon of course! Like how Minhyuk sacrifices himself for Hyungwon; Jooheon and Kihyun are sacrificing someone to save the two of them. I feel like the one they’re sacrificing is Hyungwon’s dad but I could be wrong.

But then Jooheon, being the weird clan leader he is kidnaps Kihyun, brought him to a place and showed him the delphinium. This is a prove that the clan is still under the delphinium but this is very vague. They didn’t showed much about the delphinium so I could only conclude that Jooheon is planning some weird shit.

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Continuing from the sacrifice thing (I’m not gonna flip between scenes like in the MV because I’ll just get confuse).

Jooehon comes over to Minhyuk and Hyungwon. Jooheon gave them two gummy bears, a red one and a blue one. Minhyuk and Hyungwon are high, an effect from the delphinium. Hyungwon took the red one while Minhyuk took the blue gummy bear, my theory is because Hyungwon killed himself twice and took the delphinium before so he needed something stronger than a delphinium. Just a guess though.

Minyuk and Hyungwon are actually dead but their bodies weren’t buried. The Clan probably did some satan ritual that’s why they had the sacrifice and could bring them back. Pretty much explains how they came back to life.

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Now Shownu.

Shownu is actually easy lmao. Shownu isn’t dead like Minhyuk and Hyungwon, he’s just mentally lost. So Jooheon here, being the responsible clan leader he is came to knock some senses to Shownu. Jooheon came dressing like some almighty queen giving his honors to Shownu but that didn’t really happen. It was all Shownu’s imagination. Jooheon knock some senses to Shownu that bring him back his confidence and that’s basically it lol. Easy.

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Back to where Wonho is done with his machine. Some theories suggests it’s a machine that will bring them to an alternate universe. Mine is pretty basic lol, the machine is to make more drugs. The delphinium flowers, the drug/medicine etc. Yes, not much functions but it requires a lot of work to make a drug.

After they’re done with the whole drug making thing, they all ran, including the three previously ‘lost’ members.  There’s a reason why they’re running. They’re running towards their youth. And who was leading them to run? Changkyun. Changkyun was the youngest which makes perfect sense why he leads them to run. He is leading them to their youth. They’re running towards their youth, the ultimate goal. They’re escaping their prison – their narrow-minded minds, towards their youth – their freedom.

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Remember how I said the teddy bears are useless? Surprise, surprise they’re actually not! The teddy bears represents innocent, youth, and that’s why the teddy bear is there. It’s to show that they are chasing their youth or they are still young, innocent kids.

They are fighting for their youth.

And that was Part 2. now onto Part 3. or 2.5 whatever fits your boat.


Part 3. Beautiful

Theory; they have found their beauty. 


Okay the third part is honestly so fun to write, they’re just so much hidden gems to find. Because there’s actually a lot going on, I’ll start from one member to another and conclude it in the end.


First up, Minhyuk.

Minhyuk’s room, very interesting. Minhyuk’s room is filled with pendulums and those triangle things (I don’t know they’re call ;-; sorry). I did a little research about pendulums and via Google it said that pendulum is a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely. Swing freely huh? Definitely not Minhyuk at the moment. Minhyuk isn’t free, he is stuck, tied by a weight. Why so? That’s because he is burden by the things regarding to Hyungwon.

He couldn’t save Hyungwon and thinks he is the reason for Hyungwon’s death (suicide). And then Jooheon comes over and gave him a pocket watch. Why a pocket watch you asked? Because that is his biggest desire.

Time is his biggest desire. 

I mean yeah Jooheon could give him a fucking wall clock but eh pocket watch seems more fancy. So a watch because time is his biggest desire, he wants to turn back time to save Hyungwon then he would be free.

Image result for monsta x beautiful minhyuk


Next up, Hyungwon. (Lowkey because I ship MinWon/HyungHyuk lmao)

Hyungwon’s room is filled with mirrors (I only know it was mirrors after I watch their behind the scenes, I always thought it was some weird diamond shit or something lmao). Mirrors are used to show your reflection right? Well the same applies to Hyungwon’s scenes. It showed Hyungwon’s reflection but Hyungwon doesn’t like it. He thinks he is ugly because he has been hit by his father.

Unlike the others, Hyungwon was the only one who banged on his door, the reason being he felt scared and trapped. The locked room made it feel as if his trapped in his own thoughts, the thoughts that have been killing him. (Hyungwon has a slight mental illness here if that wasn’t obvious enough) and he wanted to break free.

Hyungwon was also playing with sand, letting it flow from his hand slowly. This might seems like a minor detail but it’s not! You know the hour glass? It’s inside is sand. This shows that Hyungwon also desires for time so he could turn back time and stop himself from suiciding, maybe he could have save both Minhyuk and him.

Jooheon then came along and give him a small hand mirror. Again, Jooheon could have just gave him a big ass mirror lmao. But the small mirror was enough to show his beauty, inside and out. Personally, I think this was a really heartfelt scene because it shows you that you shouldn’t be afraid of who you are. You are beautiful no matter what they say. You’re beautiful inside out. 


Image result for monsta x beautiful mv


Next, Kihyun.

Okay this has started to become tough because I gotta squint real hard. Kihyun’s room is full of swords and shields you know from like those in old times with knights and stuff. Well it could represent that Kihyun is of a high rank, a very noble fighter. And then Jooheon comes along, proposing him to sacrifice someone in order to save their friends, Hyungwon and Minhyuk.

‘Wait, what do you mean save Hyungwon and Minhyuk? I thought they were saved in Fighter?’ Haha! Beautiful (Areumdawo) didn’t take place after Fighter, it actually takes place before so it’s more like post-All in and pre-Fighter.

Taking back from Kihyun; Kihyun didn’t want to do it because he didn’t want to harm his honor. Kihyun’s room represent choice/decision, something you would do in your everyday life. When Jooheon gives Kihyun the hammer that’s when he has to make a choice, hurt his pride or save his friends.

Image result for monsta x beautiful mv


Next, Wonho.

Wonho is in a room with lockers and letters. Wonho’s room is pretty straightforward really. Since Beautiful happened before Fighter, the letter Jooheon gave the Wonho is asking for Wonho to build the machine. Wonho was troubled by this request as he’s not sure if it’s a right choice or not. He was seen pondering over the letter wondering what to write back.

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Next, Changkyun/I.M.

Changkyun was really, really hard for me. I squint so hard looking for any details I missed about him but there was none so I had to guess his story on my own smh. Okay Changkyun, well Changkyun’s room is filled with treasures; money, gold etc. And man’s greatest desire is wealth. So my guess here is Changkyun’s wish is to be rich.

My story about Changkyun: he came from a poor family and he joined the Clan so he could be rich. I came up with this theory about Changkyun because in All In he kinda look like some poor kid, just a guess. Wealth is nice really but wealth couldn’t bring happiness. Changkyun is stuck in this room, all by himself, alone without his hyungs, the friends he had made along the way when he joined the Clan. He was rich but he is sad.

Jooheon gave him a box of matches. He has two choices, the first is he could burn himself, killing himself if he chooses wealth over morality. Or he could burn the money and live happily with his friends. In the end he burned the money.

Image result for monsta x beautiful mv


Shownu next,

Shownu is in a room with the delphnium flower and lots of nature. Shownu’s scenes are also pretty much straightforward and he plays a big role in here. He glance around at the flowers not knowing what to do. Then, Jooheon came and give him the delphinium drink, the thing they did in All In and Fighter.

Shownu pours the drink back into the container where the flower was growing. This scene actually means a lot than what it looks. Shownu is actually sacrificing something.

Related image



Lastly, Jooheon,

As we all knew, Jooheon is the mastermind behind this, he is the Clan leader. He was also the one who gave the others all these items; the one who saved Shownu, Minhyuk and Hyungwon; and the one who discovers the delphinium. Jooheon was sitting on a rope in the MV. I watched their behind the scenes and Jooheon said to pay close attention to the rope as it plays a big role too. Indeed, it does. Now, I will conclude everything.

Image result for monsta x beautiful mv


Actually the rooms everyone is in represents something we have in our life. Minhyuk represents the time we wish we had; Hyungwon represents the insecurities we have in ourselves; Kihyun represents the choices we make and the things we’ll lose; Wonho represents our decisions as well and the trouble we have making one; Changkyun represents the wealth we desire yet the loneliness we acquire alongside it; Shownu represents the sacrifices we make in life for our future. And Jooheon; Jooheon is our common sense. That is why Jooheon is sitting on a rope; our common sense is what tie us together.

When Jooheon gives them all those items, it actually shows us our common sense. We can’t have what we desire most without hurting others and/or ourselves.

Minhyuk left the room after he gets the pocket watch; he realizes he couldn’t turn back time and he shouldn’t dwell over things that has happen. He lets go of his regret and left the room, the same time Monsta X took off their jacket in the choreography. Hyungwon saw his reflection on the hand mirror; he is now confident over his looks, he has no insecurities in him because he’s beautiful inside out. He left the room because his thoughts are no longer trapping him. Kihyun left the room after he got the hammer; he has made a choice. He was going to hurt his pride to save his friends because they mean a lot to him. Wonho left the room but he didn’t write back to Jooheon. He made the right choice because they won’t be making the delphinium drugs anymore, they won’t be bound by it. Changkyun burn the money because he wasn’t happy. Wealth means nothing when he wasn’t with his love ones. Shownu pours the delphinium drink back to the flower. He’s sacrificing what might be their happiness; the drug, so that no one will be hurt. Because as much as a drug/medicine can cure you it can also poison you. 

When everyone left the room; taking off their jackets in the choreography that was when everything was over. They weren’t burdened by anything. If you watch their teaser, The Last Oath, it had mentioned youth. Well, the boys have finally found their youth by letting go off their worries without the use of drugs. As for Jooheon, he lets go of the Clan and delphinium because he knows it’s wrong when he sees how his friends are Lost due to the drug.

And that was it.

Also, Fighter didn’t happen.


“Wait what do you mean Fighter didn’t happen?”

It’s just how I said, Fighter didn’t happen. Because Beautiful took place post-All In and pre-Fighter. When Shownu sacrifice the delphinium and Wonho didn’t make the machine, Kihyun has no need to save Hyungwon and Minhyuk. Hyungwon and Minhyuk aren’t actually dead, they were lock in their minds by the drug. Changkyun didn’t need to work on operating the machine because Wonho didn’t build it. (Still don’t get Changkyun’s role here)

That was why the trilogy is 2.5 instead of 3. Well you could say the .5 is their album yeah whatever. But it was also because it wasn’t 3 parts, it was only 2, with a chance of being 3 if they didn’t escape the room and made wrong choices.

And, I’m not sure if people notice this but All in and Beautiful links to each other, the songs I mean, but there was no mentioning of Fighter. Not just the title track but even in a few tracks from their mini-album and album there was mentioning of All In and Beautiful. Well, areumdawo can just mean one thing but I’m sure the All In has a meaning.

Baby neoneun neomu areumdawo – Shownu’s part in All In 

I don’t know ssak da all in – Jooheon’s rap in Beautiful

Baby 너는 너무 아름다워 (Trans: Baby you’re so beautiful)

I don’t know 싹 다 all in (Trans: I don’t know, I’m going all in)

In All In, after they drink the delphinium, they were in a daze and it made them predict the future. I’m guessing the weird thing at the end has something to do with it. In Beautiful, they are required to make a decision. And Fighter, is something that will happen if they somehow screwed up.


Fighter’s theory doesn’t lies in the MV, it lies in the lyrics. I like to think that Fighter is a song for us Monbebes because it honestly sounds like that. How they say they’re a champion and how seeing ‘us’ makes them fight. Well just shows that they’re a champion and every time they see us they fight to win. That’s honestly so sweet 🙂 (Tell me if you ever want me to make an analysis of Fighter lol)


I guess that’s it for my theory? Lmao so sorry if there’s a lot of holes here and there, I get confuse too ;-; Took me three days to finish this; note the difference in writing each time lol. Tell me if you need further explanation. I’ve been a Monbebe for less than 3 weeks and I honestly didn’t expect myself to do a theory of their songs lol. So to end this post I’ll give you a really short but complete story of this theory.


They are lost in their own worlds, guilty of their actions but they are beautiful despite everything. They will find youth, the thing they have lost and guilty of losing. 


Thanks for reading ^^; hmu at Twitter @mirinkarana


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