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Happy Birthday Mochi! [FanFiction]

Title: Happy Birthday Mochi(Soraru-san)!

Rated: T

Fandom: Utaite

Summary: Another year older but you will still be the man I love to death

Pairing: SoraMafu (SoraruxMafumafu / After the Rain)

Characters: Soraru , Mafumafu

Tags: Romance

Warning: -none-

Notes: Just in case you don’t know I call Soraru, mochi. Don’t ask why but if you do wonder in the previous fanfiction I did mentioned why in the author’s note. Also, Happy Birthday Sorarun!!

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Vanilla [FanFiction]

Title: Vanilla

Rated: K+

Fandom: Utaite

Summary: The sweet and fluffy feeling of having someone to love. Compilation of short stories.

Pairing: -alot-

Characters: Soraru, Mafumafu, Kradness, Luz, Akatin, Kain

Tags: Romance; Fluff

Warning: -none-

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athazagoraphobia [FF] [Circle of Life series]

Title: athazagoraphobia

Rated: K+

Fandom: Utaite

Summary: It’s strange isn’t it? The people you love, you don’t see them because they’re there, they’re just there when you look.

Pairing: SoraMafu (SoraruxMafumafu/After the Rain)

Characters: Soraru, Mafumafu, luz

Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Romance


Notes: I swear if I could I would link every SoraMafu/Mafumafu/Soraru covers ever, too bad I’m too lazy. They’re just too cute wwwww Watch “Dan Dan Hayaku Naru” SoraMafu Continue reading athazagoraphobia [FF] [Circle of Life series]

I’ll be back [FF]

Title: I’ll be back

Rated: K+

Fandom: Uta no Prince sama (UtaPri)

Summary: Wait for me as I’ll be back to you that I love, to you that I care.

Pairing: SyoxAi (SyoKaze)

Characters: Kurusu Syo, Mikaze Ai, Kurusu Kaoru, Kotobuki Reiji

Tags: Hurt/Comfort; Romance

Warning: -none-

Notes: Syo is suppose to be the seme here but then I made Syo a bit OOC and a Shoujo mess here. I’m sorry.

Inspiration from this: [MMDxUtaPri] Model Test Ai and Syo WD

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For you あなたのために [FF] [Circle of Life series]

Title: For you あなたのために

 Rated: T

Series: Circle of Life series

Fandom: Uta no Prince sama (UtaPri)

Summary: Everything is for you. Just for you. I don’t need anything else but to see you smile. Your smile lit up my already dim world. Would you please smile for me? But that’s impossible because you’re now his. Even so I’m happy that you’re happy. 

Pairing: one-sided NatsuSyo; implied SyoKaze (AiSyo)

Characters: Shinomiya Natsuki, Kurusu Syo, Mikaze Ai, Kotobuki Reiji, Ittoki Otoya

Tags: Hurt/Comfort; Angst

Warning: Depression; Self-harm

Notes: Half the story is based off a true story

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Sayounara, Koibito さようなら, 恋人 [FF] [Circle of Life series]

Title: Sayounara, Koibito さようなら, 恋人

Rated: T 

Series: Circle of Life series

Fandom: Uta no Prince Sama (UtaPri)

Summary: Right now, there is only five words I want to say to you. Gomennasai, Arigatou, Aishiteru & Sayonara,Koibito. You can leave now, there is nothing stopping you. May you live a better afterlife. Please don’t forget me. And please wait for me, okay? One misunderstanding, one mistake and one reckless decision. Its time to say goodbye… 

Pairing: TokiOto

Characters: Ichinose Tokiya; Ittoki Otoya

Tags: Angst; Tragedy

Warnings: Character’s death; tearful scenes

Notes: Recommended to listen to ‘Mou Namida ga Kakusanai de’ by Marginal#4 or any sad songs to grab the feels

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