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A Sad Donut and A Flood of Emotions

Sugar powdered donut did nothing wrong.

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Monsta X The Clan Series Theory

It’s unusual of me to do theories moreover dug so deep into MVs because I rarely do that. To me, I always thought MVs are a complementary to the song. But it was different when I watch Monsta X’s the Clan series. So here you have it, my theory.

warning: this will be messy af like my head is atm. also cursing. 

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Coffee, ideas and more coffee

A good cup of coffee always takes you a long way. I like to make my own coffee so every morning if I’m tired or if I have time and feel like it, I’ll make coffee for myself.

Coffee is nice though. The smell of it helps me relax and calm down while I rack my brain in maths or when I’m sleepy through science and need a boost.

Yes, coffee. my lil’ gateway to wonderland. Coffee, the thing to energized and flow the ideas through my brain. Ah, I need a cup of coffee right now.

Hello again~

Woahh.. It’s been a long time my dusty blog.. I guess I was to busy with Tumblr, Wattpad and FFNet (๑´∀`๑). Whaddup, hey guys~! I don’t even know if people actually read this? Mehhh, I write cuz I like ♡♡

Ooh yeah I’ve been writing fanfics! My first FF: ‘Musical Love One-shots Collection UtaPri Edition’ is CURRENTLY NOT taking requests. I’m busy so sorry 😢 There are some requests I haven’t even finish yet//cries in a corner. If you guys likes angst try ‘Sayonara Koibito’ . Proud to say, its my best work ever. ‘Oshiete Kudasai’ is still in the works, I’ll update soon *whispers* If I have time (٥ •́﹏•̀) All of these FF is part of the UtaPri fandom! You could find it in FFNet.

I’m planning to write something out of the UtaPri fandom but I’m not sure yet. Though I am currently making progress with a collab fic me and my friend is thinking about. Anyway, I may update soon~ I might also make reviews of animes I just watch! See ya soon~