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Coffee, ideas and more coffee

A good cup of coffee always takes you a long way. I like to make my own coffee so every morning if I’m tired or if I have time and feel like it, I’ll make coffee for myself.

Coffee is nice though. The smell of it helps me relax and calm down while I rack my brain in maths or when I’m sleepy through science and need a boost.

Yes, coffee. my lil’ gateway to wonderland. Coffee, the thing to energized and flow the ideas through my brain. Ah, I need a cup of coffee right now.


Dear sister,

Sometimes I blame myself for your death. Because I was not qualify to be an elder sister; because I was incapable to protect you; because I know I will never be a good example. But then sometimes I do realize that He loves you more and maybe during that time I wasn’t ready and He knew, so he took you away from us before we even notice.

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